Essentials for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Valentine’s Day may have already passed for 2017, but that doesn’t mean opportunities for romance have passed, too. If you are hoping to surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway, then why not take a trip to the Resort at Callaway Gardens near Atlanta, GA? When it comes to romantic resorts and perfectly relaxing retreats, Callaway provides the following romantic getaway essentials that are sure to satisfy.

Spa Perfection

Mood lighting at home is one thing, but mood lighting at a professional spa are taking things to the next level. The soothing, relaxing experience of personal care and massages from a top-notch spa are a recipe for bliss. The Resort at Callaway Gardens has a Lodge & Spa package for guests to enjoy a perfect combination of spa access and the freedom to explore and participate in the many events they provide.

Food and Wine Adventures

One of the best adventures as a couple you can take is an adventure of the palate—into wine tasting! Whether you slip into the sultry nature of a romantic wine sampling, or you enjoy making jokes about the strange flavors they seem related to with your partner, wine tasting can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Callaway Gardens is hosting a spring wine tasting tour perfect for romancing couples, and they always have a wide variety of food offerings available to guests that vary depending on the time of year.

Beautiful Natural Scenery

Nature inspires us to feel in touch with the deep, delicate parts of who we are. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a garden swarming with vibrantly colorful butterflies, or a gorgeous sunset over a beautiful green landscape. Callaway Gardens offers biking trails, hiking trails, and even nature photography classes that you and your partner can enjoy together while you take in the moving natural beauty of the surrounding territories.

Sophisticated Events

Unique shows and sophisticated events can be a chance to experience something new and exciting together. Callaway Gardens is hosting a Symphony in the Sand event where you can enjoy beautiful music provided by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra while taking in the sandy shores and evening breezes around Robin Lake.