Planning an Office Holiday Party Employees Really Want to Attend

Office holiday parties are a chance to bond with your fellow employees and spend some time away from cubicles. Embracing the opportunity to have some festive fun and, of course, eat delicious food should be something people in a company look forward to. We can help you design the ultimate party that will be the talk at the watercooler for months to come. Whether you're planning a party for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or another wonderful holiday, we provide the amenities to make this corporate event one of the most memorable your employees have attended. Search no further; here are our popular company event ideas at Callaway Gardens to make your company's holiday party bright.

Lots of Delicious Food

It's universally accepted that one of the best parts of any party is the food. No matter what your favorite type of food, we all experience the same happiness when our taste buds are tickled. When you book a holiday party venue at the Gardens, you'll have access to the great menus that make Callaway Gardens famous all over Georgia. From a full Thanksgiving feast to a real Southern meal, you can design the menu around what you think would be best for your employees.

Music and Ambiance

Callaway Gardens has a number of locations where you can set up shop for your corporate events. Want a view of the lake or forest? We have rooms that you can book for your corporate event that will give you the ambiance you'd like. Booking the location you want in advance can guarantee you get the area that you picture your event in.

Music is also important to create the atmosphere that will make your party memorable. We have live-music options as well as easy ways to bring your own soundtrack to the holiday celebration.

Spectacular Light Shows

The Fantasy in Lights show is one of the largest in the United States. You won't be able to find an area with a Christmas shopping village and lights for miles in any direction! Our massive grounds will be wrapped with twinkling icicle and strand lights. Bright colors will make every inch of your holiday celebration memorable and lively.

You can enjoy the moment when the lights turn on if you schedule your corporate party outside Atlanta for dusk. At this magical moment, our grounds go from a beautiful garden to something downright otherworldly. Twinkling lights are appropriate for celebrating a variety of holidays, especially Diwali, so there's something for employees of all backgrounds to feel great about. Book your office party at Callaway Gardens now!