The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

There's a reason that most couples start planning their weddings the second after they get engaged. Weddings take a lot of coordinating, comparing, and organizing. From the guest list to the venue, creating detailed lists and understanding the options you have can make your day go smoothly. Nobody wants to be stressed around one of the greatest celebrations they'll get to experience. We have knowledge of the type of things you need to consider before your wedding, as we're one of the premier wedding event venues near Atlanta, GA. When you're stressing over catering or honeymoon packages, looking at some of the following information will help you be covered.

Making Your Guest List

The best way to organize yourself is to first create a rough guest list. You can't accurately order catering, decide on furnishings, or estimate the amount of space you'll need without a number of guests expected. It's easy for a guest list to get to absurd lengths, so make a couple of drafts. Although you'll want to make sure all of your close friends and relatives are included, with a long list, your expenses will start to increase. Talk with your spouse-to-be about what you can afford and whether or not you really need your second cousins in attendance to have a great experience.

Deciding on a Venue

After you've thought about the guest list, the next big item on your list should be finding suitable wedding venues near Atlanta. Wedding venues are the backdrop to your dream day! You'll want to decide on a place that has the sights, events, food, and amenities that you've always wanted.

Finding the right place to say your vows is crucial. We have many sites for you to say your vows, have your reception party, and relax in the beautiful open air of nature around our beautiful southern location. Many couples opt for a natural setting to say "I do." You might want to have the ceremony by a lake or surrounded by butterflies in our butterfly conservatory.

When you're thinking about the date for your wedding, you'll want to think about the events and decorations that your venue will have around that time of year.

Taking Care of Catering and Food

Most couples choose catering from the event venue. It's easier than bringing food or figuring out an exterior contractor for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the venue has all of the space and staff to make sure that your food arrives in a timely manner and is prepared to perfection. Event venues can afford to obsess over the quality and source of your wedding meal components because it's their central business prerogative. 

One of the many details about wedding catering that is often overlooked is the source of the food. We know that more and more people want healthy, local, and sustainable options. When you're looking at wedding menus, figuring out how fresh the food is will help you ensure that you give your guests a great-tasting meal. You can choose local favorites from the South to give your guests a true Atlanta experience. Our wedding experts specializes on creating the wedding of your dreams, contact our wedding specialists today!