Ways to Use Callaway Gardens for Your Next Field Trip

Although classroom learning is important, there are many things that you can't teach indoors. Getting outside of the city and finding fun things to do outside of Atlanta can help students breathe the fresh air and stretch their legs. Learning about plants and animals can help them develop a good understanding of how important the natural environment is. Because there are so many things to do and see at Callaway Gardens, choosing our venue for the next field trip you plan can give your students an unparalleled opportunity to experience many different sides of a world class event and natural venue.

Nature Walks and Learning about Plants

We have numerous trails that school groups can explore in self-guided or garden-staff-guided tours. These trails wind around the many buildings on the premises and around the lake where we have water species of plants and animals. Exploring the grounds can help teachers and educators explain the importance of ecological systems and show city students all the types of plants, animals, and birds that are indigenous to the South's environment. We have numerous types of trees and flowers that are native as well as brought in from other areas of the country. 

Make sure to take a look at the educational materials that we offer to help you explain and look for flora and fauna when you bring your class to the Gardens.

Using the Gardens for Artistic Classes

En plein air painting is a traditional approach that Impressionists took to depicting natural scenes. This required that they go outside and observe the light and natural subjects directly. If you are a painting or photography teacher of children of many ages, the Gardens provide a great retreat where they can look at natural subjects. We've hosted many photography classes at the Gardens, and the students and educators in the groups have gotten landscape shots, action shots of birds and animals, or photos of people in the landscape. If you're looking for a unique nature experience for your students to get and the potential to expand their art within it, we can help you develop a detailed plan to bring a group to our gardens.

Learning about Birds and Animals

We have numerous birds of prey, including hawks, owls, and others, on display. Our Birds of Prey show helps educate students about the unique attributes of these animals and the qualities that make them important to the local ecosystem. You can also see the fish and small mammal populations that call the gardens home.

The Practical Considerations

Because we host so many different groups and have a burgeoning program for organizing school field trips outside Atlanta, it's simple to look into costs, guided tours, and areas for lunches and breaks at Callaway Gardens. Our website can give you a lot of valuable information, as can our helpful staff if you contact us directly. With all of the information at your fingertips, you can quickly and simply discover the answer to your questions and put in the request for funding with few to no hitches in the process ahead. Contact us today!