Fall Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Getaway

09/01/2017 – They say that spring is when love is in the air, but who has time for romance during allergy season? We believe that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for romance, and the perfect time of year to plan a romantic getaway with your significant other. If you are looking at where to stay near Atlanta, plan a romantic getaway. Callaway Gardens Resort has a few ideas that are perfect for the charming fall weather.

Nature Walks and Rides

There’s something about being out in nature during the fall that inspires romantic feelings in everyone. The changing colors of the leaves are stunning, and the crisp fall air is perfect for cuddling close or holding hands on a romantic stroll. For fun things to do in Atlanta, be sure to book a stay somewhere near walking or biking trails. This will give you an opportunity to get out and enjoy nature together without worrying about a strenuous hike on a poorly maintained trail.

The Callaway Gardens resort is surrounded by miles of well-maintained trails that are perfect for bike rides and romantic strolls. You’ll love the sights, sounds, and smells that come along with fall at Callaway Gardens. Romantic feelings are a natural side effect.

Couples’ Spa Packages

It’s hard to focus on romance if you’re still feeling stressed over your responsibilities back home. So, make sure that you and your loved one take time to unwind together with a couples’ massage or other spa package. This will allow you to release your stresses and cares so that you can relax completely and focus on enjoying your time with one another.

Our resort and spa offers a number of wonderful packages and spa treatments for you to choose from. Several of these packages are focused specifically on couples, and helping to reignite the romance that may have been stifled by daily stresses. It’s the perfect way to begin any romantic weekend.

Romantic Dining Experiences

While food may be a basic necessity for survival, it can also contribute to the survival of your relationship, assuming you pick that right places to dine. A romantic weekend is not truly complete if you’re still going to a fast food joint for your dinners together. Do something special and find a nice a restaurant that you can experience and enjoy together.

Callaway Gardens Resort has a diverse collection of different restaurants nearby and on the property. You can try something new, or find a restaurant that serves up classic dishes you both know and love. Either way, just make sure it is a place that ups the romance factor of your weekend, in addition to providing you with food for survival.

A Stunning Room

On a romantic getaway, your lodgings are about more than a place to sleep; your room needs to be a place where you can rekindle your romance and spend quality time together. That means that your room should be a beautiful retreat that contributes to your feelings of romance, rather than detracting from it.

Our rooms at Callaway Gardens are always beautiful and well cared for. We also offer a number of romantic suites that are perfect for budding relationships, or rekindling old flames. If you’re looking for romantic resorts where you can spend a weekend with your love one, contact Callaway Gardens today! We’ll help you keep the romance alive.

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