Top Ideas for an Unforgettable Men’s Golf Vacation

6/21/2017 – Shoulders squared up, eye on the ball, pull back that glorious new high loft 11.5 degree driver with the aluminum head and graphite shaft. A satisfying dink from the sweet spot of the face of the club rings off through the tee box, but that sound becomes secondary at the sight of Callaway Gardens’ Lake View golf course’s first fairway. Of all the attractions near Atlanta, there isn’t anything quite like Callaway Gardens Resort. The weekend packages, the amenities, and the comfort of this top tier resort are essential for that well-earned vacation time.

The Golf

Of all of the possible Atlanta attractions, there isn’t anything that includes more freedom and escape than Callaway Gardens Resort. Not only that, but Callaway Gardens Resort has two pristine golf courses that are the beautiful epitome of the best weekend golf package near Atlanta. There are three weekend packages for golfing right now: the Ultimate Callaway Golf Cottage Package, Father’s Day Your Way Package, and the Summer Shooter Golf Package. All three packages offer use of the lodge and spa and include golf at the best premium courses near Atlanta as well as hotel accommodations. This makes Callaway Gardens Resort the perfect destination for corporate events, a weekend getaway from Atlanta, or a satisfying golfing vacation that packs in all of the quality views that simply aren’t available at other courses.

The Courses

Callaway Gardens Resort has two resort golf courses for maximum weekend enjoyment. Let’s start with the par 70 Lake View course. This sparkling course carries nine water holes, five of which go along the crystal-clear Mountain Creek Lake, with an island tee on the whimsical 10th hole. This course is the epitome of beauty and it reflects the best features of a gorgeous course. The par 72 Mountain View course hosts PGA golfers and designers alike as its tighter fairways snake through wooded holes. The gigantic pine trees surely give the feeling of a getaway in the woods. In addition to these amazing courses, be sure not to forget about the Twin Oaks practice facility. Fully stocked with 1.5 acres of tee space, multiple putting greens for approach practice and that intricate short game, and personalized lessons by the professionals at Callaway Gardens Resort, there is certainly more fun to be had even prior to hitting the links. After playing these 36 holes, it’s almost certain that a return trip is inevitable.

All the Offerings

Beautiful and gorgeous golf courses are not the only things the Callaway Gardens Resort has to offer. They have a multitude of amenities that would make any vacation entirely complete. Between the lodge, bicycle trail, and spa, it would be easy to say that’s enough for a top tier resort near Atlanta. As far as anything close to Atlanta goes, Callaway Gardens Resort takes the meaning of a resort getaway to new heights. In addition to the unlimited golfing getaway, there is full access to the lodge. Sporting maximum comfort and relaxation for any golfer, the lodge offers a stacked restaurant and private rooms for your own peace of mind. Alongside The Lodge is the Spa, which is the key to relaxing the muscles after hitting a round of 18 on the links. Maybe the two golf courses weren’t enough action. The Callaway Gardens sports a full fitness center to make sure any athlete can sweat tirelessly until the day is over. Then, by all means, hit the spa for some evening release. At that point it’ll certainly be earned.

Other Weekend Packages

As attractive as the two golf courses are at Callaway Gardens, there are other vacation and weekend packages available. 4th of July package, Fitness Series package, full Serenity Spa package, and group packages perfect for corporate outings including the Tennis Getaway weekend package and Motorcoach package. Between all of these amenities, Callaway Gardens continues to cater to personal comfort with spa and lodge access, making the resort the ultimate getaway for any occasion with family, company coworkers, and all friends alike.

Make the Call

With so many offerings, Callaway Gardens Resort offers the best in weekend packages for golf vacations and group outings near Atlanta. This is the encompassing resort that provides the golf, the spa, the lounge, and full accommodations that make any weekend getaway perfect for any vacationer. Whether it’s for the views, the comfort, or the laughs, Callaway Gardens Resort is the best in any golfer’s book. Book your next golf vacation at Callaway Gardens Resort today!



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