How to Create the Perfect Wedding

How do you create the perfect wedding? Ask a hundred people, get a hundred different answers! Despite all the challenges, every couple strives for a perfect wedding. Here are some practical tips that can help every couple planning a wedding create their own unique perfect day, including the perfect wedding venue near Atlanta—such as at Callaway Gardens Resort.

Choose a Venue that Makes Things Easier for You

While it's true that you can have a wedding pretty much anywhere you want, not every venue will make your life easier. Weddings are complicated. They involve planning for food, decorations, parking, seating—the list goes on and on. The venue you choose will determine how many of those details you need to coordinate yourself, versus how many will be taken care of by the venue. Finding the perfect location can result in leaving you to focus your energy on what's important to you during the ceremony, not getting stuck on the details. That’s why choosing a venue like Callaway Gardens can help you—a location that already provides the venue, scenery, chairs, linens, restrooms, and other necessities – not to mention the onsite experts to handle the details.

Another tip to make things easier is to plan your wedding around special events at the venue, avoiding prescheduled events that might interfere with the grandeur and ease of your big day, events like the Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve special celebrations.

Be Mindful of Your Guests

While you and your fiancé are center stage, your wedding guests are an important part of your party. You aren't the only one who needs to enjoy the day, so that’s why Callaway Gardens works so hard to be especially accommodating.

Take care of guests who have traveled. Be aware of guests with special needs and take care to see that those needs are met. Make careful and considerate seating plans. Provide comfortable areas for guests to sit and enjoy one another. Consider offering amenities like charging stations, social media prompts, and photo booths to keep your guests busy and happy.

Also keep this important etiquette in mind: you and your new spouse need to make every effort to personally greet each and every guest at your wedding. Your guests came to see you, celebrate with you, and congratulate you. They have set aside time to attend your event and they likely brought a gift. If you forego the traditional reception line, a convenient and easy way to greet your guests, you will need to find another way to accomplish this critical task. You will find that mindfully caring for your guests will bring you a great deal of joy on your special day.

Choose Your Traditions Carefully

Weddings revolve around traditions. It's all too easy to get lost in a swarm of traditions. Choose the ones that are meaningful to you and your sweetheart. Don't spend time, money, or effort on traditions that don't matter to you both. Be selective and do choose only a few that have meaning and will create lasting impressions and memories.

For instance, it's okay to live out your childhood dream of wearing your mother's wedding gown, but forego wearing a garter.  There are no rules that say your wedding party must include a best man, and you do not need someone offering a traditional wedding toast. Focus on the elements that matter most to you as a couple as you’re wedding venue near Atlanta. Contact the wedding consultants at Callaway Gardens Today!