Frequently Asked Questions about TreeTop Adventure

What is TreeTop Adventure?
TreeTop Adventure is a series of aerial challenges and zip lines through the tree canopy.

Where is TreeTop Adventure located within Callaway Gardens?
To access TreeTop Adventure, you will park at the Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center. Check in at the Discovery Center Square 1 ticket office on the South side of the building.

When is TreeTop Adventure open?
TreeTop Adventure is open throughout the year during daylight hours.  The course may close due to inclement weather.  Occasionally there are opportunities to participate in TreeTop Adventure at night.

Who can participate in TreeTop Adventure?
* Participants must be at least 54” tall and successfully complete the TreeTop Adventure Briefing Section before every use of the course
* Most anyone of average health and ability can successfully complete the TreeTop Adventure course.
* Maximum waist size for harnesses is 48”;  maximum thigh size 26”
* Each guest or an authorized guardian for children under 18 years of age must complete a Callaway Gardens Release of Liability form before starting the course
* Callaway Gardens reserves the right to order off the course anyone who disregards the safety rules or who appears to be unable to safely complete the course. There will be no refunds if such action is required.

Who cannot participate in TreeTop Adventure?
* Guests less than 54” tall cannot participate on TreeTop Adventure
* Pregnant women are expressly prohibited from going on the TreeTop Adventure course
* No one who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may participate in the TreeTop Adventure course

If some of my party cannot participate, what is there available for them to do?
All guests can enjoy watching adventurers zip and climb through the course from the ground.  There are picnic tables and pathways for relaxing.  In addition, there is a series of fun, informational signs throughout the course.  TreeTop Adventure is adjacent to the Callaway Discovery Center, which offers a host of exhibits, as well as the Discovery Gift Shop, the Discovery Café and the Discovery Amphitheater, which features a daily Birds of Prey Show.  Everyone can also enjoy the rest of the Gardens and its many attractions.

How long does it take to complete TreeTop Adventure?
To complete the Discovery Course, it is suggested to reserve at least one to one-and-one half hours to be in the actual trees.  Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to complete paperwork, get equipment and then plan on time at the end of the experience to return equipment.  To add the Lake Course may take another 30 minutes to an hour.  To do registration, briefing and both courses may take up to three hours.

How safe is TreeTop Adventure?
You are taught during Briefing Section how to use the equipment and complete the course safely.  Once you and the instructor are confident that you understand how to proceed safely, you will head for the trees and adventure.  Our qualified team remains on the ground, monitors your progress through the course and is available for any questions or concerns.  You manage the course independently.  Your safety is ensured by the two slings/clips from your harness that you attach to the safety line.

How much does TreeTop Adventure cost?
TreeTop Adventure is $35 per person for the Discovery Course and $15 to add the Lake Course.  Gardens admission to access TreeTop Adventure is an additional charge.

Do I need to make a reservation?
Reservations are strongly suggested to ensure that you reserve a specified time for yourself or your group.

How do I purchase a ticket for TreeTop Adventure?
Tickets can be reserved online at or calling 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292).

Online reservations can be paid for with credit card only. For online and phone ticket purchases, payment is due in full at the time of reservation.

Why do I have to pay the Callaway Gardens admission?
TreeTop Adventure is located within the Gardens gates.  When entering the Gardens, guests have access to enjoy the many attractions and seasonal displays available to guests.  The price point has been carefully set to consider that Gardens admission is required.

Are there group discounts to TreeTop Adventure?
Yes.  Group discounts are available.  To arrange a group, please call 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292) or email

TreeTop Adventure is great for special occasion celebrations such as a birthday; for field trips or scouting groups; for team building outings for businesses, associations or fraternal groups.

Can I provide TreeTop Adventure as a gift to someone else?
Yes.  You can purchase a gift certificates or a gift card for the amount of TreeTop Adventure.  Or, you can go ahead and purchase the live ticket for a specific time at

Is there a pass for frequent TreeTop Adventure participants?
At this time there is not such a pass.  However, frequent visitors can benefit by becoming a Callaway Gardens Annual Passholder to provide admission each time they visit.  For more information, visit

What is the Briefing Section?
The Briefing Section is a mandatory training session on the ground that occurs prior to being able to participate in TreeTop Adventure.  During this time you will be given your equipment, have it checked for proper fit and learn how to use the equipment. Briefing Section lasts approximately 10 minutes.

What if I go through the Briefing Section and change my mind about participating?
There are no refunds once a guest has completed the briefing session and begun the course.

What type of activities will I do in TreeTop Adventure?
The base Discovery Course features 24 aerial challenges and zips within TreeTop Adventure, including a 250 foot zipline.  The Lake Course features five zips and four obstacles.

What will I learn in TreeTop Adventure?
You are at Callaway Gardens – you’ll learn a lot.  Throughout TreeTop Adventure, you’ll learn a lot about the diversity of plants and animals indigenous to this portion of West Central Georgia as well as the historical significance of the area.

How should I dress for TreeTop Adventure?
* Flat-soled, closed-toe secured footwear is required (no sandals, flip-flops, crocs, slippers, clogs, etc.)
* Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for outdoor activity that fits properly (No baggy clothing).  Pants or shorts, longer than mid-thigh as the harness can rub, are recommended.  No skirts.
* No loose or excessive jewelry or scarves
* Hair should be tied back.
* Glasses should be secure.

What should I bring with me?
When climbing, zipping and having fun in the trees, you will want to have as few things to keep up with as possible.  Minimize what you can drop (sunglasses, hats, cameras, etc.) and you’ll have a more pleasant experience.
*Be sure to prepare for the weather.  There is a great deal of tree canopy but you may want to consider sunscreen.
*Adults will leave a photo ID as a deposit for harnesses.  It will be returned when all harnesses for the party are returned.  Participants must use equipment issued by Callaway Gardens.
*You may want to consider bringing some water.

What if there is bad weather?
Callaway Gardens reserves the right to close Treetop Adventure at any time due to inclement weather deemed unsafe for guests.  If you are concerned about predicted inclement weather, please call 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292).

When should I plan to arrive to the TreeTop Adventure site?
You should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your reserved ticket time to complete paperwork, use the restroom and etc.

What if I am running late for my TreeTop Adventure time?
If you are going to arrive more than 30 minutes late, please call the Reservations Office at 1.800.852.3810 and ask them to assign you to a later time.  Please note that if the next time slot is full, you will be put in the next available time slot. We will do our best to keep appointments on schedule.

Are there restroom facilities nearby?
There are restrooms inside the adjacent Discovery Cafe as well as inside the Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center. Prior to starting TreeTop Adventure, please visit restroom facilities (consult of hours of operation).  There is not a restroom break during your TreeTop Adventure tour.

Is there food available?
Yes, the Discovery Café is just steps away from the TreeTop Adventure site offering sandwiches, salads, soups, snacks, drinks and more with seating inside and outside. In addition, Callaway Gardens features a number of other restaurants for consideration.  Please consult hours of operation.

Are there picnic tables nearby?
Yes, picnics tables are available underneath the TreeTop Adventure site.

We hope this information assists you in planning your visit.  If you have any additional questions, please email or call 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292).  We look forward to having you at Callaway Gardens.