Places To Explore

This lakeside facility, the ideal starting point for a tour of Callaway Gardens, beautifully honors the memory of co-founder Virginia Hand Callaway.
This 40-acre hillside garden is home to more than 3,000 hybrid azaleas and offers a zig-zagging network of walking paths through its serene surroundings.
The Overlook Azalea Garden is surely one of the most beautiful places on Earth each Spring, when thousands of shrubs explode into a kaleidoscope of vivid reds, pinks, purples and whites.
Built as a tribute to Cason Callaway’s mother, this magnificent house of worship is built of fieldstone quartz and features nature-themed stained glass windows.
The Pioneer Log Cabin dates to the early 19th century and offers a glimpse back into a simple but often difficult way of life.
For those looking for a peaceful stroll through nature, Meadowlark Garden - which also houses the Holly Trail - is sure to please.
Before or after a visit to the Day Butterfly Center, take a walk through the Thornhill Hydrangea Garden to some of the South's favorite flowers almost year-round.
Callaway Gardens is home to a world of flora and fauna. Here's your guide to what you might see at various times of the year.