A Look into Callaway Resort & Garden’s Wellness Weekend Retreats


“Without taking time for ourselves, we cannot take care of ourselves, and bliss will always be just around the corner” – Amy Fendley


Callaway Resort & Gardens’ Wellness Weekends are led by wellness expert and certified instructor Amy Fendley. Amy makes it her goal to provide the tools and methods for each and every guest to find and maintain their best self, even after they leave. Wellness Weekends are a time step away from external distraction and remember the strength you possess. The best way to learn and practice these methods is to actually attend one of Callaway’s Wellness Weekend Retreats. The next best way to show the benefits this retreat offers is to give you a glimpse into the tried and true activities that participants enjoy as a Wellness Weekend guest. Below are some of the highlights from a Wellness Weekend Retreat at Callaway Resort & Gardens.


Day One: Friday

On Friday evening, Amy leads a decompression class. She encourages guests of age to get a cocktail from Cason’s restaurant to sip on while she leads relaxation exercises. You’ll then be guided through an “intention setting” exercise to reflect on and write down the reasons you are attending along with your goals for the weekend. A calming meditation session follows in which Fendley helps you reach a heightened self-awareness through breathing exercises and essential oils. 

Day Two: Saturday

After a great night’s sleep — likely thanks to the lavender oils from Friday’s meditation session — you will be well-rested and ready to discuss any dreams you had. After the discussion, Amy leads a fun workout that can be done by any and all guests. No matter your fitness level, you’ll feel the enphorhins flowing as you get moving. The workout is usually some form of calisthenics or a band workout. A stretch therapy session follows the workout to loosen up your muscles and prepare you for the day ahead. Next, you have the chance to focus on clarity. With Amy’s help, you’ll identify the things you must do in order to gain courage and work towards your goals. Guests write down obstacles and plans of action they must overcome to start achieving the goals they wrote down the night before. In the afternoon, guests are free to enjoy various leisure activities such as golf on one of Callaway’s two beautiful courses, sunbathing at Robin Lake beach, forest bathing, and even playing with hula hoops and bubbles.

Final Day: Sunday

After a Saturday filled with activities, you’ll be able to relax Sunday morning with a walk on Robin Lake Beach. Amy’s final exercise is to have each guest write a letter to their 90-year-old self. This is followed by a “bond fire” where guests write down desires on flash paper and throw the paper into the fire. They disappear into the air as a symbol of personal honor. You’ll take the inspiration that discovered and release it into the world. Amy then sends each guest off with reminders to love themselves. She emphasizes the significance of self-love and personal time. 



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