Butterflies 101: A New Perspective on the Exceptionally Beautiful Creature

It’s Friday night and the weekend is looming. In your head, you picture calm, fun days filled with your children’s giggles, yet you know the reality of weekends past. In lieu of laughter, the kids fight over toys, resist naps, and obsess over who got more juice in their cup. 

Do something different this weekend. Hop in the car and head to Callaway Resort & Gardens’ butterfly center near Atlanta, Georgia. There are many benefits to spending the day strolling through the grounds of a butterfly garden. Beyond the obvious, it’s the education you’ll absorb about the beautiful creatures. You’ll leave with happy (and worn-out) children, having made a wonderful weekend memory, and with a newfound perspective on the butterfly.


Every creature has an innate habitat. Butterflies thrive in warm climates where flowers bloom and food is readily available. You’ll learn how butterflies live and grow in different locations. Some butterflies are becoming dangerously close to being added to the endangered list due to loss of habitat. Pay close attention to this part of the presentation so you’ll know how to be part of the solution.

Scientists have created indoor butterfly conservatories that mimic the humidity, heat, and moisture values of the tropics where these flying beauties are most comfortable. At Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center in Georgia, you walk among nearly one-thousand butterflies as they fly freely beside you. They may even land on you! But be careful not to touch them on purpose as they’re very fragile creatures whose wings are easily damaged by the oils on your skin.



Many students are lucky enough to watch a butterfly hatch in their school classroom as part of a science unit. When you choose visiting the butterfly conservatory as one of your things to do this weekend near Atlanta, you may get to see it for yourself.  The transition from chrysalis-to-butterfly happens in mere minutes and it’s one of the most beautiful births in nature. However, the lifecycle of the butterfly is far more complicated than the end result. Leave an expert when you learn alongside your kids.

Moth vs. Butterfly

You can probably tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly when one beats against your bedroom window, but do you know what makes them innately different insects? The distinctions are far more complex than you’d imagine. No need to take notes, just enjoy learning something new with your family.


When you’re planning to take a long trip there’s months of preparation involved. At times, it may feel like it’s far more work to leave home than to stay.

For monarch butterflies, a long journey is simply part of their destiny and there’s no planning involved. After hatching in the spring, they depart on a 2,000-mile expedition to Mexico. Scientists have learned far more than they ever expected about how the butterflies know where to go and how they get there. You’ll go home with hundreds of facts about butterflies.

Butterflies 101 is just one of the many family-friendly programs available when you book one of the best deals for a vacation at Callaway Resort & Gardens. Bring your family for a week-long summer family adventure and do them all. Stay overnight in a private villa or cottage complete with a full kitchen and Wi-Fi. Picnic in acres of gardens. Get to know other families around the campfire. Make forever memories when you vacation.

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center – Celebrating 30 Years!

This year, we celebrate the Day Butterfly Center’s 30th anniversary and give thanks to the millions of visitors that have come to Callaway Resort & Gardens to experience the wonders of butterflies.

Escape your typical weekend by looking for things to do near Atlanta. Spend the day with your family learning about butterflies in their natural habitat. Stop by today!


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