Callaway’s Wellness Weekends: Cultivate a Mind, Body, and Soul Balance

Sometimes the stress of day-to-day life wears on you, and you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. During these times, it’s good to get away and find a place to recharge for the next life challenge. Consider taking a wellness weekend getaway near Atlanta at Callaway Resort & Gardens to recover. Our wellness weekends offer you the perfect chance to reset and go forward with a new perspective. Here’s what we offer and what you can expect:

Rejuvenation Immersion

From January 18-20, 2019, head to Callaway Resort & Gardens for our Rejuvenation Immersion retreat. This retreat helps you rejuvenate and refocus your life. You’ll spend the weekend working on breathing, body, heart work, writing, and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to let things go and return to your daily life feeling revived.

Mind Cleanse

The Mind Cleanse weekend retreat, April 26-28, helps you identify your priorities and teaches you how to manage them. You’ll clear your mind through various activities, which allows you to prioritize the important things in your life. It’s a way for you to break from the busy and connected world of day-to-day life and reconnect with yourself. After three short days, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Spirit Senses & Self Enrichment

On June 7-9, check out Callaway Resort & Gardens for the Spirit Senses & Self Enrichment retreat. You’ll spend time doing deep meditation to focus on self-love and personal goals. With immersion of all five senses—touch, sight, scent, taste, sound—you’ll have the opportunity to refocus your mindset and concentrate on being a better, less stressed you.


Life in Balance

Life in Balance retreat takes runs from September 20-22. The focus is what the title says: to gain a better work / life balance. You’ll take a deep dive into your emotional well-being and experience a better awareness of who you are. Through various activities and methods, you’ll take a spiritual journey and leave the weekend feeling like a better version of yourself.

What to Expect

Our wellness weekends center on a spiritual discover of yourself and provides a way to manage your day-to-day life. You can expect to do activities such as:

  • Restful meditation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Yoga
  • Soulful conversations
  • Purposeful journaling
  • Light exercise
  • And more

These activities won’t only help you balance but will also teach you new ways to deal with the ins and outs of daily life.

Other Activities

Callaway Resort & Gardens features beautiful gardens that you can walk through. This stress-freeing activity allows you to look at some of the most beautiful sights in Georgia and allows you the chance to spend time with the most important person: you. Wander through the 2,500-acres and get lost in thought.

If that’s not for you, check out the spa. It’s one of the best deals for vacations in Georgia. You can relax as you’re getting pampered by a spa specialist who takes your care of you. It’s a perfect way to have a wellness weekend.

Everyone needs a weekend to themselves to rebalance life. There are many options at Callaway Resort & Gardens for you to refocus and recharge your life. Check out our website at to book your wellness weekend.


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