Celebrate Blue Morpho Butterfly Month

You’ve heard of social butterflies — but do you know what the most social butterfly in the world is? The blue morpho butterfly is one of the most social insects in the animal kingdom, and September is the month that we celebrate these stunning and unusually friendly creatures here at our butterfly garden near Atlanta. At Callaway Resort and Gardens, we host our very own Blue Morpho Butterfly Month. Read on to learn about how you can get involved in our blue morpho butterfly spectacle!

Species Identification

The morpho butterfly family actually includes 29 accepted species, but the most recognized is the common blue morpho, and these will be the beauties that this month is truly dedicated to. These butterflies are easily identified by their vibrant blue wings edged with black. Blue morpho butterflies are a rather large species of butterfly, with wingspans ranging from 3 to 6 inches, depending on the exact subspecies you’re looking at.

There’s even a faint iridescence to the wings, making the blue morpho’s wings one of the more beautiful sights in the insect world. However, the underside of the blue morpho’s wings are rather plain by comparison. With their wings closed, blue morpho butterflies don’t appear to live up to their name. The undersides of their wings are a dull brown with camouflaging eye spots that help disguise them from predators. So, you might approach a perched morpho butterfly and see only dull brown wings. Then, when they take flight, you’ll see their stunning blue wings in all their glory.


Like all butterflies, blue morphos go through the four stages of metamorphosis associated with the butterfly lifecycle. They begin as tiny, pale green eggs, then hatch into caterpillars. The caterpillars of the blue morpho species are a red-brown color with small patches of lime green on their back. They are also covered in tiny hairs that sting when touched, making them undesirable to many potential predators.

Butterfly Lands on Hand

Eventually, the caterpillars will wrap themselves in a chrysalis, entering the pupal stage. At the end of pupation, the mature blue morpho butterfly emerges. An adult blue morpho typically lives for about a month, and they have very few predators, since they are poisonous if eaten.

Celebrating the Blue Morpho

Humans have been fascinated by the blue morpho butterfly for centuries due to its stunning, iridescent wings. In fact, many countries are trying to replicate the iridescence of those wings to create counterfeit-proof money and credit cards. With so much fascination in this bug, it’s little wonder we want to celebrate it.

So why not get up close and personal with some blue morphos this month? At Callaway Resort and Gardens, we have one of the most beautiful butterfly gardens around Atlanta, GA, and it’s chock full of blue morpho butterflies. For the month of September, we offer a special event dedicated to the blue morpho.

At the Blue Morpho Butterfly Reception, you’ll get special after-hours access to the butterfly garden, when the blue morpho is more lethargic and likely to linger. And, we’ll give you a glass of red wine or grape juice, both of which attract these lovely insects. Wander the quiet gardens, and enjoy the company of these beautiful, social butterflies.

Want to come see these beautiful butterflies for yourself? Call Callaway Resort and Gardens today!


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