How to Create the Perfect Summer Getaway

Picture a vacation with gorgeous days in the sun, warm summer nights in a beautiful location, activities for everyone in the family to enjoy, and space for everyone to relax. Doesn’t that sound so much better than everyone piling into sleeping bags on the floor of grandma’s house and slowly watching tension build up over the week? Family reunions have the potential to be a fun opportunity to bond with the people you love the most, a vacation getaway near Atlanta is a much better option than the traditional choice of cramming into someone’s house or a nearby park. Read on for tips about putting together the perfect summer family reunion getaway at Callaway Resort & Gardens that’s sure to be fondly remembered for years to come.

Get Your Guests on the Same Page

If you’re the lucky one in charge of or helping with planning your summer reunion, a good place to start is to get everyone on the same page. Send out some initial communications that serve the purpose of feeling everyone out. Find out when people are available, who is interested in attending, and if there are any requirements or expectations that you need to meet. Keep in mind that the larger the group, the more difficult is becomes to please everyone, so don’t run yourself into the ground trying to keep every great-aunt or little cousin happy. Part of the beauty of utilizing Callaway Resort & Gardens is that people can create their own experience rather than relying on the reunion planner to meet their every need.

Book Your Lodging

Once you have a date range in mind, a tentative guest list, and an idea of what activities your family members would enjoy, you can nail down your lodging options. Callaway Resort & Gardens offers traditional hotel and lodge options or amazing villas and cottages, that give you the flexibility to accommodate individuals and families. Booking these accommodations will also force guests to commit, so you’re not left wondering about the guest list at the last minute.

Kids on beach

Explore Nearby Events, Attractions, and Activities

A stress and contention-free family reunion incorporates fun activities done as a big group, the option to occasionally split into smaller groups, and time for people to be alone and recuperate. This allows people to catch up and bond without forcing them into so much family time they go a little crazy. An email poll or survey with local events, trips to the gardens, culinary experiences, water sports, and more can help you nail down the vacation agenda. This summer, Callaway Resort & Gardens has many events and activities that are sure to make your stay unforgettable. From water skiing at Robin Lake Beach and the 4-to-7-night Summer Family Adventure, you and your family can enjoy countless hours of summer fun. In a Fourth of July celebration that spares no expense, Callaway’s Star-Spangled Beach Party also offers plenty of food, family, and fun for a Fourth of July for the ages, finished off with an impressive fireworks extravaganza.

Take Care of Details

Tying up the last of the details will help ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch. Plan things like meals, determining ahead of time which meals will be eaten as a large group and will require planning like making reservations. Gentle reminders to bring sunscreen, bug spray, swimwear, and other important items can be helpful. Communicate with your group the expectations and tone of the trip, since this is so unique from family to family, so people will know what to expect and plan for.

For your family reunion this summer, book your vacation getaway at Callaway Resort & Gardens for the most stress-free experience possible!


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