Escape Winter’s Chill at Top-Down Southern Vacation Destinations!

What are you doing after the holidays? You know, that time when all the decorations have been put away and you finally realize how much weight you gained eating all those delicious cookies? Will you slump into the glum winter doldrums, waiting for the snow to melt? If you live in Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston or other northern cities, your winter list of “Things to Do Outdoors” probably has nothing written on it. Maybe you wish you could play golf or drive a convertible in the open air, but know you will be frostbitten or risk being put in a straitjacket if you try to do either one of those things.

Stop sitting around, trying to stay warm as you wait for the spring thaw! Forget about spending your retirement or time off getting stuck in the snow and slipping around on the ice. Instead, why not slip away to sunnier climes? It’s time to pack up your golf clubs and travel South because there are always plenty of things to do in Georgia! Keep in mind the many options at Callaway Resort & Gardens, such as golf, tennis, our butterfly center, the spa, and much more!


If you love to golf, you know that it is an important part of Georgia’s culture. For over 80 years, The Masters Tournament has been played at the Augusta National Golf Club. Legends such as Sam Snead, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods have made history as they played this tournament. Although you may not be a pro golfer, there are many challenging, nationally known golf courses in the state you will enjoy playing.

There’s a reason for all the fanfare. Whether at designated fields, or at comfortable resorts, great golfing locations abound in Georgia! If your idea of a relaxing day away is teeing off on the green, then perhaps you can consider a warm southern resort that has its own field, gear rentals and more to make it that much easier for you to enjoy the post-holiday drag.

History and Antiques

Should you have a yearning for touring historical sites and shopping for antiques, a Georgia winter vacation getaway is the best prescription to chase away the winter blues. You can explore local southern history throughout the great state, from historic home tours to local antiques shopping. No matter where you end up in Georgia, a slow-paced, rustic day out on the town is sure to be available to you one way or another.

retired seniors traveling down south to Georgia

A Cottage or Villa Retreat

Sometimes a change of scenery has everything to do with a restful, relaxing change of pace. Renting a southern villa or a cottage at Callaway Resort & Gardens surrounded by the right amount of nature, while still being easily accessible and close to desired attractions, is just the ticket. Enjoy a comfortable, thoughtful space where you can take in the quiet and lean into whatever your leisurely interests may be—from reading a good book, to taking in the golf range, to getting that long-overdue massage all at Callaway Resort & Gardens!

Perhaps you would like to do all these things. There is a centrally located destination that offers you access to all these activities and more—Callaway Resort & Gardens. With luxurious accommodations for your overnight or multi-night stay, The Lodge & Spa at Callaway Resort & Gardens will pamper you as you deserve. For ease of access, our location is close enough to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to be easily accessible, but not so close that any airport sounds get in the way of that relaxing tone during your stay. The award-winning Fantasy In Lights display is open until January 6, 2018, so book your winter getaway at Callaway Resort & Gardens today!


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