Family Getaways for the End of Summer Break

The end of summer is a great time to have one final adventure before the kids head back to school, but you may be wondering how to put together a trip that will make all of you happy. The secret to the perfect family getaway is finding something that everyone will like without breaking the bank in the process. Last minute vacations near Atlanta may not deliver everything you want, but Callaway Resort & Gardens is sure to have something for the whole family. You can wake up refreshed at the villas or cottages before getting started on your next adventure together!

The Beach

What’s summer without the beach? It’s an essential part of every summer getaway, but swimming and sunbathing are just the beginning. Robin Lake Beach is essential to every summer season. You can go skiing, test your skills at wakeboarding, or have a fantastic time tubing. If you’ve never gone skiing before, there’s nothing to worry about. Lessons are available, and it usually only takes a matter of minutes to learn the basics. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!

Aqua Island

Are you looking for something the kids will love? Look no further than Aqua Island! Aqua Island is a series of inflatable pieces resting right on the lake. It includes monkey bars, mountains, trampolines, and more. The island accommodates up to 125 people every hour, so you and the young ones will definitely have a chance to enjoy this fantastic floating playground. Your kids may even be able to make a few friends.


Trying the local cuisine is always one of the best parts of any vacation, and you don’t have to travel far to have a taste of what the Beach Pavilion or the Beach Bar have to offer. Hot dogs and hamburgers are summer essentials, so they’re always in demand. The ice cream truck is hugely popular with the kids, but there are also drink options for adults if you want something to help you unwind. Whatever you’re craving, there’s bound to be something that will satisfy.


Every summer vacation should include fun and games. You can challenge each other at shuffleboard, or you can play checkers or chess with giant pieces right on the beach. There are other options as well. You can enjoy a game of miniature golf or table tennis. If you’re worried about keeping the little ones occupied, they can always have a great time at the children’s playground.

Zip line boy

TreeTop Adventure

Do you and your family want something a bit more daring than tubing and sandcastles? Do you want to take your love of nature to new heights? TreeTop Adventure is a perfect challenge for friends, family, and solo explorers. There are multiple courses offered, but the Discovery Course is the most basic. It includes five zip lines and more than 20 other challenges. You and your family can look forward to logs, ladders, discs, wires, netting, and other suspension obstacles. You can add the Lake Course if you like. It includes several zip lines over the lake itself. For younger adventurers, the Sapling Course is also available.

There are plenty of family vacation packages near Atlanta, but none of them offer the natural wonder, high adventure, and lakeside excitement that you’ll find at Callaway Resort & Gardens. Call to book your next family getaway and wake up to excitement!


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