The signs are everywhere. It’s dark, it’s cold, and you’re trapped with children that are, at times, as wild as dragons – winter is definitely in full swing. While staying in and sipping hot chocolate from matching mugs sounds nice, there are other things you can do to enjoy the season with your loved ones. Here are some activities included in Callaway Resort and Gardens’ family-friendly vacation packages that you should check out!

Nature’s Call

Instead of locking yourselves up at home to wait for spring’s arrival, try going out to appreciate winter’s unique beauty. Put on your warmest workout clothes and comfiest walking shoes and go on a hike or bike ride with your family. There are plenty of nature trails that offer scenic views, allowing you to take in the full and raw glory of Mother Earth this season.

Aside from having the chance to be one with nature, this activity is the perfect cardio workout. Once you’re done exercising, consider visiting the lodge nearby. Take a soak in the hot tub before sitting by the fireplace for some quality time.

Rolling in the Green

Another way to warm up in the cool weather is to play golf. This resort features lush, sprawling courses complete with bunkers and water hazards. Have a bit of competitive fun by challenging your loved ones to a round or two. Hitting the greens is also a great opportunity to marvel at nature’s quiet beauty. Talk about sereni-tee!

All Aflutter

If you’re not into sports, but still want to be surrounded by flora and fauna inside a warm tropical conservatory, check out the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center! You’ll learn more about the differences between each type of butterfly, where they’re from, how they grow, and what they eat. At the end of the program, you and your family can proudly call yourselves experts on these magnificent insects.

 Also taking flight elsewhere are equally majestic owls, hawks, and other raptors. At Callaway’s Birds of Prey Shows, professional caretakers and experts watch over injured and imprinted creatures that can’t be released into the wild. Their strength and instincts are demonstrated in a show that aims to teach guests about these birds’ way of life.

Butterfly Center

Unknot and Unwind

After a long, fun-filled day, your muscles will be ready for a spa treatment. Restore your energy with the help of luxurious wellness treatments, including massage therapies, facials, and pedicures. These are all done with natural products, which means you’ll get to enjoy the essential benefits of plants, herbs, and other elements.

Bug Out

It’s a bug’s life down at the Discovery Center. Enjoy over 73 larger-than-life insects, at our newly installed MEGABUGS exhibit! This outdoor adventure is an immersive and interactive area for ‘bugologists’ of any age to explore.

Book a room, a lodge, or a cottage at Callaway Resort & Gardens for the best family vacation packages near Atlanta this winter.



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