How to Improve Your Tennis Game Now!

Are you ready to better your backspin and ace your approach shot? Whether you’re an expert or just getting started, there’s a lot you can do to improve your tennis game. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Georgia, there are plenty of tennis tournaments near Atlanta. Before you hit the court, start implementing a few of these tips from the pros. In no time, you’ll be serving up shots like the best of them.

Choose a Pattern of Play

There are so many different types of shots that you can use when you’re playing tennis. There’s the volley, half volley, overhead, backhand, and many more. Here’s the trick: pick your strengths and stick with them. It’s a trick that even the pros use. You don’t see many professional tennis players switching up their serves. They know what their strongest move is, and they use it over and over again. Instead of trying to utilize all of the different tennis shots throughout your match, figure out which of them you’re best at. Then use them. Using your strongest shots gives you more confidence in your game and gives you an edge over your opponent.

Slow Your Serve

A lot of new tennis players try to serve the ball as hard as they can. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s a quick way to lose control of the match. Your serve is the most important shot. Hitting it as hard as you can could compromise the rest of the game. Instead of focusing on power and speed, focus on accuracy. Set your first shot up for success by slowing it down. You’ll find that you have more control over where it goes and how it lands.

Use Your Back Leg

Every time you hit the ball your body weight should be situated over your back leg. Not only does this make it easier to transfer your weight as needed, but it also provides for a more accurate shot. Practice shifting your weight to your back leg in between shots and using it to power each swing. This small change will make all the difference. You’ll find it easier to get to the ball without having to reach. The power behind each swing will be better and you’ll land your shots with more accuracy.

Tennis serve

Stay Calm

It’s easy to panic during matches. If you’re trailing by a few points, you may begin to rush as you try to catch up. When the anxiety sets in, you’re more likely to swing erratically and forget your strategy. Between points, take some time to calm yourself. Breathe deeply, slow down your thoughts, and focus on being precise and accurate.


The first few minutes of the match will tell you how well you’ve stretched. If you’re having a hard time getting on your game, consider taking a minute to stretch a little bit more. Hold a pose or use dynamic stretching between points to continue loosening up. The more you stretch, the easier it will be to create free-flowing movement. Not only will it benefit you during the match, but you’ll be a lot less sore after playing too!

While there are plenty of amazing activities for families in Georgia, tennis is one of the best. It gets the whole family involved in something fun. Whether you’re playing or cheering on the athletes, let tennis become your family’s new favorite adventure. At Callaway Resort & Gardens, you’ll find everything you need to bring your tennis dreams to life, including tournaments and private lessons. There’s no better place for your next getaway. Book your trip to Callaway Resort & Gardens today!


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