New Trends in Meetings & Events

Every business wants to get the most out of their meetings and corporate events. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to get into the same old habits and put together programs that everyone has seen a hundred times. While a corporate meeting space near Atlanta isn’t necessarily a bad idea, you could look elsewhere for something a bit more exciting and out of the ordinary. Contemporary trends for corporate meetings and events tend to focus on encouraging leaders and their staff to step out of their comfort zones, get back to nature, and craft meaningful and productive engagement. Every meeting or event should ideally be both enriching and rewarding.

Choosing a Location

Team building doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. In fact, it never should be! The best team-building challenges your preconceptions about what makes a good team and how teams coordinate and work together for maximum impact. At Callaway Resort & Gardens, your team building activities can make the most out of the gorgeous environment and facilities. Whether you need a smaller area or larger space, you can enhance your experience with one of the most unique and captivating atmospheres around.

Indoor facilities like The Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center offer you an exquisite space on the edge of Mountain Creek Lake, nestled in a beautifully wooded area. Peaceful and inviting, it’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of city life. With incredible lodgings also offered, your staff can recharge and relax when they’re not involved in meetings or activities. It gives you the best of both worlds, with your convenient meeting location and a natural paradise to help you rejuvenate when you have spare time.

While there are several indoor options, outdoor facilities are also a great choice. The Ski Pavilion is set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Robin Lake. Surrounded by water and the fantastic beauty of the Georgia landscape, it’s a wonderful location for a special event, and the occasion is sure to be remembered.

Energizing with Nature

As you’re probably aware, research has shown that time in nature can reduce stress, boost productivity, and it could even give your creativity a jolt. Incorporating a natural setting for your next big meeting or special event is a great approach if you want something fun, invigorating, and refreshing.

Activities and team building adventures are also available onsite. TreeTop Adventure is an excellent option if you’d like to promote teamwork and help your people develop some problem-solving skills. With zip lines, ladders, logs, and other challenges, it’s a great way to boost your energy levels.

The Photo Rally and Rope Course are possibilities as well. With the Photo Rally, you get to participate in a scavenger hunt, photograph your activities, capture memories, and build relationships all at the same time. On the Rope Course, you attempt to master both the high and low elements of the standard ropes course. It’s designed to foster teamwork and build trust. Whether you want a workout that’ll make you sweat or you prefer something a bit more leisurely, there’s always a solution for your team-building needs.

Coworkers Doing Scavenger Hunt Outside

As you can see, there’s a lot to do and enjoy, including exquisite lodging, breathtaking locations, and fun group adventures. While other meeting venues in Georgia may be accommodating and functional enough, few of them can match the majesty of Georgia’s natural beauty. Call Callaway Resort & Gardens at (844) 512-3826 to book your next corporate event, retreat, or annual meeting.



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