Plan Now, Party Later: Holiday Office Party Planning Tips

A Special Time of Year

For most people, and for most of the year, the recurring themes of their lives revolve more around more work than play. However, there’s that special time of year referred to as “the holidays” when working folks get to let their hair down a little and enjoy life just a little more. Part of that enjoyment is the spate of holiday parties, work-related or simply social, that show up on most people’s calendars beginning in early December of each year. The ubiquitous office holiday party is especially important, because when done right, it can be a time for coworkers to forge stronger friendships and take the time to express appreciation for one another. If you’re the lucky one tasked with planning your office holiday party in the Atlanta area, here are a few tips to get you through this process with aplomb. Do this the right way, and you’ll be on track to being the most popular employee in the office, not just with your peers, but with your bosses, too!

Key Tips

    1. First, and this part may seem trivial, but it’s important: have fun. That’s right. You need to find a way to get some enjoyment out of the party planning process because your investment will show when it comes time for the big event. To get to the heart of this particular point, you only have to ask yourself the following question. Which type of party would you rather attend: one that was just thrown together or one that a conscientious, invested individual put a lot of thought into?
    2. This is a big one too. You simply must find the right venue. The right backdrop sets the stage for the entire gathering. Decide early what the vibe of the event is going to be like and factor in what the flavor of the company leans toward. If you work with a more formal crowd, plan on having the gathering in a place where that feeling can be part of the festivities. Think chandeliers, linen tablecloths and a menu. If your work group gravitates toward more of an informal feel, you may be better off with more of a buffet-type meal and plastic utensils. There are those versatile venues that can provide both atmospheres, so make sure you know which way your chosen spot leans before committing formally.
    3. Be clear on what is expected of you. Make sure you know which parts of the party you’re in charge of. If you can delegate responsibilities, do so liberally. Whether you’re in charge of the entire event or you have help, keep a running and detailed checklist with things like budget, decor, menu, activities and door prizes factored in.

The Right Place

So, when you’ve been tasked with putting together the office holiday party, know that the process can be a fun one. Choosing a versatile venue that you’re sure suits the atmosphere of your office is key. When you’re in search of company event ideas in Atlanta, know that Callaway Resort & Gardens provides a unique and customizable experience with its wide selection of food choices that range from fancy hors d’oeuvres to expertly-cooked salmon. You can also choose from multiple venues to find a backdrop that will suit the overall feel of your office environment. Or really go over the top and plan a group outing at Fantasy In Lights.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a magical ride through 8 million lights?  So, before the holidays are here, don’t miss your chance to book a space with Callaway Resort & Gardens for your next office-wide year-end celebration!


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