Start Planning Your Spring Break Now!

If the gloom of winter has you down, start dreaming of warmer weather! There’s no better time to plan your spring break than now. If you’re looking for places to go on vacation in Georgia, you’re probably hoping for something relaxing with a dash of adventure. Whether you’ll be spending the break with your family or friends, there’s a way to plan your vacation that will make everyone happy.

Set a Budget

Before you start jumping into the details of the “where” and “when,” it’s more important to establish the “how.” Each person that you’re traveling with will have a budget in mind. Get the gang together and talk about the financial details before you begin planning. This makes it easier to accommodate everyone and plan activities that your entire group loves and can afford. Plus, by setting a budget early on in the planning process, it’s a lot easier to decide how many days away will fit into your party’s financial plans.

Make a Wish List

You may think that wish lists are just for kids. There’s no better time to tap into your inner child and figure out what’s going to make this vacation one for the books.  Adult spring break is a now a thing!  With your travel buddies, decide on a few things that everyone wants to do. For example, maybe you have your heart set on golfing the day away while another friend wants to lounge poolside. It’s okay to want different things from your spring break getaway. In fact, it’s ideal; now to find a place that will accommodate all of your needs.

Choose Your Resort

You’ve figured out how much everyone can afford and you’ve decided on a few things that everyone wants to do. Now, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect getaway location. Choosing a hotel or resort is the most crucial part of your planning process. If you choose a hotel that doesn’t have much to offer, your relaxation may be compromised. Plus, they may not have much to do nearby. Instead, you need a place where you have plenty of activities and the amenities necessary to relax. Resorts typically have more to offer than hotels. With on-site spas, restaurants, and pools, there’s something for everyone. Most also have plenty of activities either on the premises or close by to ensure that guests have lots to do without even getting back in a vehicle

bicycling in Atlanta

Callaway Resort and Gardens

Finding a resort that fits all of the criteria of your spring break may seem next to impossible. But with the help of Callaway Resort and Gardens, it’s easier than ever! Located in scenic Pine Mountain, Georgia, Callaway Resort and Gardens provides something for everyone. With access to a prestigious on-site spa, golf courses, butterfly adventures, bicycle trails and zip lines, you’ll wish you had more time to spend exploring.

Whether you’re booking an overnight stay or plan on spending the entire week, Callaway Resort and Gardens is the perfect place for spring break. With beach sports, hiking, biking, gardens, and multiple restaurants located within the 2,500-acre attraction, you’ll have everything that you need for the perfect vacation.

Don’t let the winter blues take over. Instead, start thinking happy thoughts! When trying to figure out things to do near Atlanta, put Callaway Resort and Gardens at the top of your list. Start planning your spring break getaway now!


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