Super-Fun, Amazing Family Reunion Ideas

Throw away the party planning book! Stop asking advice from people who’ve never attended, much less planned a family reunion. If you volunteered to host your upcoming family reunion, you’ve come to the right place to plan an out of this world fun party. The entire family will thank you, and the memories will go down in the family history book as some of the best times the family has ever spent together. Read on for ideas on how to plan an amazing family reunion near Atlanta, conveniently located 60 minutes southwest of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

First Things First

It’s difficult to start planning a family reunion if you’re not sure who should be on the guest list. Compiling a list of who’s who in the family may end up being a combined effort of several family members. Give everyone at least a month to get their list of names back to you so you’re able to put together a master list. Once that master list is complete, you can start looking at venues. Many families are spread out over quite a distance so consider family vacation packages near Atlanta. This gives family members who must travel options for accommodations.

Choose the Venue

Family reunions rank right up there with weddings as far as planning goes. Many reunions take place over an entire weekend. If your family isn’t all located in one area, pick a family-friendly resort that offers not just accommodations but also an area to hold the big party. Callaway Resort & Gardens an excellent choice. Between the famous gardens, sparkling Robin Lake, nature trails, fine dining, and first-class hotel rooms and suites, the resort offers something special for every family. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let the experts in family reunion planning near Atlanta help you put together an event to remember. Resort staff is always happy to provide a variety of services to help make your event a success.


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Stay the Night

One way to create a fun family reunion is to make the event one big slumber party. The Lodge & Spa at Callaway is the perfect place for the entire family to stay overnight. Each room and suite included elegant furnishings and world class amenities. Your family is invited for a swim in the pool, or a relaxing soak in the hot tub. The Cottages offers Wi-Fi access, fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, and indoor/outdoor pools. Or choose from one of our Villas: standard, moderate or deluxe – each villa features spacious living area, washer and dryer, and a sundeck or screened porch to spend time with the family in the great outdoors. For those family members who enjoy lots of talking and visiting, there are plenty of sitting areas where they can do just that! No matter where you stay, you will have convenient access to all resort and gardens amenities.

Assign a Memory Maker

Family reunions create fun photo opportunities. To ensure you don’t miss a single moment, assign a couple of the teenagers in your clan to man the cameras and snap photos of each person who attends. In addition, they can wander the event and capture the crazy and goofy things bound to happen when the whole family gets together. At the end of the reunion, collect the cameras and put the picture files into a digital scrapbook to send out to each family. Better yet, create a website where the pictures are stored so each person can download or print the pictures they want. There are endless places at Callaway Resort & Gardens where your family can take beautiful pictures. Imagine a family photo with a swath of azaleas behind them. Or, you could use the sparkling waters of Robin Lake as your backdrop. Whatever spot you choose for the family team photo, it’s bound to create a lasting memory.

Make It Fun, Fun, Fun!

The challenge of planning a successful family reunion is making it fun for family members of all ages. You may have great-grandparents, teens, and infants in your group. Plan to play a variety of outdoor games such as tug-of-war, musical chairs, relay races, and water balloon tag. Bring a family-sized Bingo game. Set up a game table and ask several families to bring their favorite games. Make sure to have dominoes and several packages of playing cards at the game table. If you reserve a spot at Callaway Resort & Gardens, the premier family resort near Atlanta, your family can relax at the beach and swim in Robin Lake. Another activity families enjoy at the resort is bike riding along one of the trails. There is something fun for every person who comes to your reunion. Don’t wait, now is the perfect time to book your family vacation package at Callaway Resort & Gardens.


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