Tennis Games to Spice Up Your Tennis Lesson

There are plenty of things to do near Atlanta, but the best activities for families are the ones that keep you moving! And few activities keep you on your toes quite like tennis. After a few quick lessons, you’ll be ready to spice up your play by adding a little healthy competition to the fun.

Who Can Play?

Tennis can be played by just about anyone of just about any age. It’s great fun to watch, too! In fact, there are millions of fans all over the world just waiting for the Mac-Cam to bring that perfect replay to their TV screen. Whether singles or doubles, people can’t say no to something that’s surrounded by so much love.

What Do You Learn During Lessons?

During lessons at Callaway Resort & Gardens, you can learn how to apply different shot techniques, like the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead smash, drop shot, and lob. Just like baseball players, you’ll even learn how to put a little spin on your hits to make them harder to return. You’ll also learn some cool strategies to help you win, like playing to your opponent’s weaknesses.

play tennis in Georgia

Are Lessons Fun?

Of course they are! While lessons are about learning, they’re far from boring. The best way to learn is to make the practice exciting. Tennis teachers at Callaway Resort & Gardens will make lessons fun with games that inspire a little competition. These are some common tennis lesson games you might play:

First to the Baseline: Set up a line of no more than 5 cones a few feet away from the net; you want to give people enough room to swing without hitting each other. The instructor will serve to each student. A successful return means you move your cone back one step. An unsuccessful return means you move your cone toward the net. If you touch the net, you’re out. The winner is whoever makes it to the baseline first.

Righteous Rally: One of the most exciting things to watch as a spectator is a nice rally. A rally is when the players continuously hit the ball back and forth without losing a point. Choose a number as a target rally goal, like ten consecutive hits. If you and your partner want to win, you must be the first to reach the designated goal number!

Quick Hit High Counts: It’s critical that you become familiar with how the ball feels against the racket. You have to know how much force to apply to hit the ball where you want it to go, and that requires practice. To get really good at this, you can do self-rallies. Hold the racket in front of you, and with your other hand, hold the ball a few inches above it. Drop the ball onto the racket and let it gently bounce straight back into the air. The trick is to get just enough force under the ball that it keeps bouncing, but not so much force that it goes flying away from you. Bounce the ball off the racket as many times in the air as possible without dropping it. Whoever lands the most consecutive hits without dropping the ball wins!

Are you ready for some family-friendly tennis tournaments near Atlanta? Come on out to the courts at Callaway Resort & Gardens in Georgia. Make it a slamtastic holiday by booking your next vacation with us today!


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