The Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Checklist

When you’re planning your next corporate event, it’s important to remember that, even if the gathering only includes members of one company, you’re catering to a relatively diverse group. This concept holds more truth with larger groups. With that fact in mind, you can go forward in planning a great event that will satisfy even the most jaded members of the group and give the gathering cohesiveness. Location can be a very important component in pulling off a successful event. Next time you’re tasked with getting your company out of Atlanta for the weekend, you’ll almost certainly be researching corporate event venues in Georgia. The following checklist will help you choose a location and solidify other important details for corporate events.

The Checklist

Choose your venue carefully. The venue is probably the lynchpin in getting the corporate event venue equation right. If you’re simply looking to make sure employees’ physical needs are met, choose a basic hotel and conference room situation that will be big enough to accommodate everyone. If you want to make sure there’s something entertaining for everyone, then you’ll have to dig a bit deeper and choose a place that offers recreational options. Some recreational activities you can expect to find at Georgia venues include gardens and golf.

Make sure there are food options for everyone. Unlike activities, food choices are something that people sometimes can’t adjust for the weekend. For instance, if you know a significant portion of members of the organization you’re planning the event for are vegetarians, this lifestyle choice is certainly something you should plan to accommodate. Make sure the venue serves a reasonable amount of food choices that will satisfy vegetarians. In other words, you don’t have to plan two menus, but make sure that people who live a strictly vegetarian or gluten-free lifestyle will be able to find enough to eat over the course of their stay.

Meeting 2

Look into transportation options. First, know how most people will be arriving. If they are flying in, see if there is an airport shuttle that travels to the event venue. Or see if the venue can send a vehicle to pick up those arriving at the airport. Also, see what the transportation situation within the venue is like. Can people walk to their rooms from their spots in the parking lot? If not, are there in-house shuttles or golf carts available to haul their belongings to the places they’ll be staying? Also, are activities within walking distance of hotel rooms or conference rooms? If not, make sure the venue compensates by providing rides.

Many Locations

Whether you decide to head to the mountains for a little hiking between meetings or gather at the beach for some volleyball in the sand with your fellow employees, finding corporate event venues in Georgia has never been easier. You’ll find Callaway Resort & Gardens is a great selection, where you can host the perfect corporate gathering and watch as ideas are shared, working friendships are strengthened and fun is had by all involved. You simply need to keep a few ground rules in mind when trying to accommodate a large and diverse group of people. The three main things to consider are availability of activities, food options and transportation availability. When you’ve taken these three variables seriously, you will find that you’re able to satisfy most everyone in your group, and if their worries are minimal, the entire organization will be able to have a productive stay. Book your next corporate event at Callaway Resort & Gardens today!


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