Things to Do When It’s Cold Outside

The cold air and chilly atmosphere provide the perfect setting to have some fun! Here are a few great ideas for things to do when it’s cold outside.

Get Moving

If the cold isn’t too biting, going out for a run or bike ride can be extremely refreshing. The cool wind in your face can reinvigorate you in a flash. If you can’t find a great running route, you should visit the Callaway Resort & Spa right outside of Atlanta, GA; they have some of the best nature trails in the country. You can run or bike through beautiful, scenic environments. They even have bike rentals for those who don’t have a bike, or scheduled last minute vacations to Atlanta and left the bike at home.

Be a Hopeless Romantic

Everyone knows that a winter chill makes the warmth of a lover’s embrace all the sweeter. Don’t let that kind of romantic opportunity escape you! Take advantage by making a romantic dinner for your loved one. Making a fire in the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate can also set a romantic mood. You can even opt to stay in the comfort of your bed and cuddle the day away. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep each other warm! And, for the lonely hearts club members, a nice hot chocolate and a rom-com movie marathon might be just what the doctor ordered on a cold, winter night.

Fight Boredom with Board Games

If you’ve got children, a winter weather lockdown can mean chaos and unrest in the household. If you have board games, however, you’ll be able to fend off your children’s absolute boredom. Make sure you choose the more interactive games, not just the kind where you roll dice, move pieces, and read cards. You’ll want games with singing, acting, dancing, and the like. With enough enthusiasm and humor, you might just be able to make board game night a regular thing and not just something you do when it’s cold.

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Watch Nature Take Its Course

The changing weather always changes the animals inhabiting the environment. That makes a great opportunity for you to watch these animals as they immigrate to or emigrate from your local area. Bird watching, for example, becomes an interesting, exciting, and satisfying activity when you know the types of birds that are common and uncommon in your area. Speaking of birds, the Callaway Discovery Center has a fascinating program regarding birds of prey. The experts there can shed light on how the cold affects those birds and what they do to help acclimate them to the weather. They also have one of North America’s largest tropical butterfly conservatories. You can watch over 1,000 butterflies flutter about in a glass-enclosed environment and see for yourself what affect the cold has on them. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll find these activities quite fascinating.

Take in The Scenery

The crisp, cool air during the cold months somehow makes everything seem more beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to live near (or visit) a lake or mountains, you’ll have access to a magnificent view. For those in the Atlanta area, you definitely need to make the trip to Callaway Resort & Garden in Pine Mountain. They have 13 different lakes and several breath-taking views. You can take a boat out on the water or simply hike through some of the nature trails to enjoy the spectacular views.

Whatever you do when it’s cold outside, make sure you stay warm and enjoy it while it lasts! Book your stay at Callaway Resort & Gardens!

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