Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you at a point in your golf game where you look at the ball and say “I don’t want a piece of you; I want the whole thing,” or is your nemesis the clown at the mini-golf course? Either way, scheduling an overnight stay at Callaway Resort & Gardens in Georgia can help you improve your golf game.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

So many people want their lives to be movies. They want to be able to have a movie montage to play better or to learn something. While that may work for Rocky and other sports movies, in real life, you only get better if you put in the time. There are no shortcuts. Chubbs took Happy Gilmore to the local mini-golf place to practice his putting, and it paid off in the end. But Happy had to practice his putting to become a better golfer. You’ll need to practice as well.

Tin Cup

The best golf resorts offer a pro golfer as a trainer for your time on the course. Setting up a time to meet with the local golf pro will do wonders to improve your golf game if you listen to the tips he or she gives. Many people hire a golf instructor or pro and then fail to heed that person’s advice. Some people could hire Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, and it wouldn’t help their game. You have to want to improve and realize that listening is the first step.

Bagger Vance

There’s nobody cooler than Will Smith, and in The Legend of Bagger Vance, his character is the essence of cool. You have tools, use them. A driver is designed to hit the ball far. You just have to relax and let it do its work. Don’t swing harder, swing smarter. Stay relaxed and use the correct body mechanics, and you’ll create drives that fly farther and go where you want them to go. The Zen of golf is the hardest thing for most people to understand and to accept. Let your tools do what they were made to do and follow your form through with relaxation.


Bill Murray’s golf green caretaker may have been a dolt, but he had big dreams. Of course, he couldn’t get by the dancing gopher, but that probably isn’t your problem. Murray went through a visualization exercise while he was tending the greens, and this type of visualization can help you. If you can see the perfect swing and ball flight in your mind, your body can probably duplicate it. Michael Jordan visualized free throws going in before shooting them. Your golf game can benefit in the same way.

Seven Days in Utopia

If golf isn’t fun, you aren’t doing it right. Having fun can help you make the most of your golf game. When you realize what’s at stake, you can relax more and enjoy the quiet that comes with walking a course and still having a goal. When you book one of our golf packages in Georgia to stay in the Lodge and Spa or experience a Summer Family Adventure, you’ll be singing “I’m alright, no need to worry about me!” in no time as you take to the golf courses and do your best to be dead solid perfect. Book your next vacation at Callaway Resort & Gardens today!


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