Ways to Celebrate Stress Awareness Month!

Do you remember the “good ol’ days,” when everything was in black and white, people meandered slowing toward the center of town, and snail mail was the only kind of mail? It was a simpler time, they say.

In reality, there was nothing simple about those days. In fact, truth be told, life before the many modern and technological conveniences of our current generation was really hard work. Yet, there is a nugget of truth in the way we romanticize the time period. There was less stress. People had one focus and they worked at that goal all day long, and then again the next day, and the next.

In our multitasking century of overachievers, all we have is stress.

We wake up stressed, already running through overwhelming mental to-do lists in our head, before even putting one foot on the floor.

We zoom through our days stressed, hoping against hope that we’ve done a good enough job and the many tasks we are trying to accomplish, simultaneously.

We go to bed stressed, telling ourselves that tomorrow is another day to try and get done everything that escaped us today.

You are running an endless loop of stress steps and it’s time to stop. Since April of 1992, people have joined in Stress Awareness Month activities hoping to slow down a little and truly be present in our days.

Throughout the month, there are opportunities to learn about stress, it’s implication for your body, and how reducing it has startlingly positive effects on your health and daily life.  What if someone said to you, “Want to go on a spa vacation, maybe a spa weekend in Georgia”? The image you conjured in your head has you instantly relaxed. Imagine if you actually go for one of the many spa specials in Georgia. You’ll come home refreshed and relaxed, free of stress.

Of course, managing stress in our daily lives is the goal. So pick your way to celebrate Stress Awareness Month and turn over a new leaf.

couple spa massage georgia

List Making

You’re used to making lists. It’s just they usually haunt you because not everything got crossed off. Make a new kind of list. Write down all the ways you feel you can be nicer to yourself, the changes you’ve wanted to make just for you. Things you find calming. Pick just one, and focus on that for the month of April.

Get Away

There must be a reason that spring break is in April, right? No, you don’t have to go to a wild beach party with twenty-somethings, but go somewhere! Make this a way to break out of the ruts and routines. Book one of the many spa packages at Callaway Resort & Gardens, and come back relaxed and glowing. You can choose from a quiet, relax stay at one of our many cottages rental, your home away from home or The Lodge and Spa with direct access to The Spa and fitness center, the perfect place to relax and get away!

Live in the Present

This may sound like a line from some guru movie or a self-help book, but think about it. When you live your days longing for the past or running toward some mentally-fabulous future moment, you miss everything that’s happening, right now. This is one of the reasons you often hear parents lament about their children’s youth, asking “where did the time go”. Choose to accept that whatever the day is dealing you, you are going to live it.

Practice Quiet

Can you sit in a totally quiet room, by yourself with no distractions for fifteen minutes? Not many people can. Our lives today are so full of overstimulation regardless of where we are. There is always something to see, hear, touch, or do, usually all at the same time. We’ve lost the ability to just be still. Try it. You don’t have to go into a transformative meditation; just be quiet with yourself. Callaway Resort & Gardens is the perfect place to do just that! Consider joining us at our 2018 Wellness Weekend and Yoga Retreat from April 20-22 to unplug and reconnect with wellness.

However you choose to celebrate Stress Awareness Month this April, try to instill at least one of your activities into a lifestyle change.


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