What Are the Benefits of Spa Treatment?

Are you looking for a vacation getaway? The Callaway Gardens Resort Lodge and Spa may be the destination you are looking for this season for a unique and memorable opportunity to relax. Allow the Callaway staff to help you relax and hurry your worries away as you take advantage of the beautiful scenery and the resources geared toward your needs. Our up-to-date services and staff will be ready to wait upon you. If you seek a hotel and spa near Atlanta, our facilities can cater to your needs and guide you to recreational activities in the area. Check into the Callaway Gardens Resort near to Atlanta today to discover how much contentment and adventure you can find at a spa resort hotel near you.

An Outdoors Getaway

As a vacationer, our remote location will allow you to seek quiet and peace, apart from the demands of work, family, and friends. A spa treatment allows your body to relax back into its natural rhythms. A vacation at our resort allows you to separate yourself from the hurry-and-scurry of life as you enjoy the beauty of Georgia’s natural landscape.

At the Callaway Gardens Resort Lodge and Spa, you will be able to unwind and seek peace and contentment while the staff attends to your needs. Our overnight lodgings provide rooms for a longer-term vacation and an opportunity for guests to explore our properties and resources at their leisure. For those with active needs, our properties provide access to a bicycle trail for outdoors fun. Our trails cover a variety of seven scenic miles of flora which provides safe fun for the whole family. Walking trails are also available, with exploration access to the gardens like the Overlook Azalea Garden, Holly Trail and Thornhill Hydrangea Garden, and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Trail.

Spa Therapy

Rest and relaxation is about more than finding a new peace in nature. It can benefit your body as well as the mind. Our spa treatments deliberately slow down your body’s processes so they can reset and allow you the opportunity to heal naturally. The techniques we use recharge your body’s natural functions in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. Benefits include improved blood circulation, a stimulated lymphatic system, and relief for chronic pain issues such as arthritis, sciatica, and muscle spasms. Because of the influx of nutrients into your blood, your body will be able to cycle through more vitamins and oxygen as it re-learns how to function more efficiently on its own. Because you’re having so much fun and rest at the resort, your body will begin releasing serotonin. This chemical is a natural positive mood enhancer. A functioning supply of serotonin is necessary for maintaining a normal REM cycle, which is essential for maintaining a stable level of energy and peace.

If you wish to reserve facilities specifically for a spa treatment, we offer full therapeutic services, such as massage therapy, botanical and facial treatments, and Sundari Sri yoga treatments. Our selection of therapies can help you achieve smoother pores to a sounder mind and spirit. Allow our staff to serve you a vacation getaway this season.

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