What’s Your Vacation Personality?

Have you been feeling run down, out of it, and ready for a break from reality? You work hard! You deserve it! Take the day off, grab your travel companions, and hit the road! There are weekend trips in Georgia, which every type of traveler will enjoy. Just sit back, relax, and read on because I’ve done the research for you! The following are different travel personalities and corresponding activities near Atlanta at Callaway Resort & Gardens that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and delighted!

For the Adventurer

You go on vacation seeking cheap thrills and new experiences! You want to come home loaded up with a story to tell your friends! At the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival, you can watch beautifully illuminated balloons take flight and light up the night sky while getting a chance to hone your night photography skills. By day, you can take a tethered yourself and experience Georgia from an entirely different view. Admission to this, and access to food and drink specials, live performances, and more are included when you stay overnight in the Lodge and Spa, Villas and Cottages.

For the Family Man

You’re all about family. You want to experience the world with those whom you love most, and what better way to do so than at family summer camp? During the day, Summer Family Adventure includes a variety of camp activities put on in conjunction with Circus. At night, families reunite and participate in beach activities, competitions, and take in educational shows. This four to seven-night adventure is sure to bring you closer to your loved ones.


For the Extrovert

You like to meet new people and build new relationships while on vacation. What better way to do so than by attending the July 4th Star Spangled Beach Party? You can relax on the warm sand, play in the surf, participate in contests, take in live music or just eat some delicious food with some fellow vacationers. Discounted rates may apply if you stay in the Lodge and Spa, Villas, or Cottages and by staying nearby to the event; you will most likely meet fellow travelers and adventure partners!

For the Nature Lover

You want to experience the world. You want to get back to nature and appreciate everything this earth has to offer! During the month of September, you can enjoy the blue beauty that is the Blue Morpho Butterfly. This tropical butterfly is native to South and Central America and has a shimmering appearance due to the microscopic scales on the upper sides of their wings. If you attend the annual Blue Morpho Butterfly Reception, you will be given a complementary beverage! You can stroll through the sanctuary as you sip your wine or grape juice, as the butterflies fly up to greet you. If butterfly encounters don’t tickle your fancy, never fear! There are plenty of biking and hiking trails to explore and things to do near Georgia. You can also head to the water to enjoy water skiing or tubing at Robin Lake Beach.

There are things to do near Georgia for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking to learn something, connect to new friends, or bond with family, you’ll find an activity for you on your weekend getaway near Atlanta. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next vacation at Callaway Resort & Gardens today!



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