Why Fall is the Best Time to Enjoy Nature

There are things to enjoy in nature throughout the year, but here at Callaway Gardens, we believe that fall is the best time to get out and enjoy everything that Mother Nature has to offer. What makes fall the perfect time to be outdoors? Here are just a few things we love about fall at Callaway Gardens.

Fewer Crowds

Summer is fun, but it tends to be the time of year when most people go on vacations, visit the lake, and go camping with their families. We love all our guests at Callaway Gardens, and if you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors with fewer crowds, then fall is a great time to do it. Once the summer crowds drift back to their homes, your time in nature can be much more peaceful and enjoyable.

Cooler Weather

Another great thing about fall is that it provides perfect weather for many outdoor activities. In the heat of the summer, activities like hiking and bike riding can be pretty exhausting. But the brisk fall air makes it much easier to enjoy mountain biking and nature walks near Atlanta. You can enjoy your time outdoors without having to constantly wipe sweat from your face and feeling like the sun is burning you right out of your shoes. You can put on a light sweater and go for a stroll or ride in our bicycle trail, enjoying the fresh air and autumn sunshine. It’s a very enjoyable time of year to be outside.

Fall Colors

Few things are as beautiful as the changing of the leaves in fall. Watching the trees change their colors from green to yellow, red, orange, and brown as a stunning sight. This makes it a wonderful time to get out on those nature trailsand walk among the trees, taking in all of their lovely colors before the leaves begin to drop and winter sets in.

Active Wildlife

You’ll also see lots of active wildlife in the fall. During the summer months, animals often spend their days hiding in shady spots to escape from the heat. This makes it unlikely that you’ll happen upon wildlife on your nature walks or bike rides. But in the fall, animals tend to scurry about more openly in the cooler weather, preparing for the coming winter. You’ll see squirrels and chipmunks gathering nuts for their winter storage, and other animals going about their daily tasks. It is an exciting time to be outside, while all of nature’s creatures are awake, active, and easy to see. You can visit our butterfly center or see the birds of prey show to get an up-close look at these wonderful animals.

Cheaper Lodging

If you’re looking to go on vacation somewhere that you can enjoy nature, fall is a good time to do so. Because fewer people are vacationing at this time of year, lodging tends to be cheaper in most places. The Resort at Callaway Gardens has plenty of overnight stay lodging available in the fall, and lots of nature trails and biking trails that you can use to enjoy the beauty of nature.

So, if you’re looking at places to go on vacation near Atlanta, consider going in the fall–the best time to enjoy nature’s bounties. And we also hope that you’ll consider staying with us at Callaway Gardens. Call us today to see what rooms we have available this fall!


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