Health Connections Program

Callaway Resort & Gardens is proud to present our Health Connections Program.As an educational and holistic resort with a strong focus on wellness, Callaway Resort & Gardens is elated to offer a unique program to residents, annual members & guests called the Health Connections Program under the guidance & instruction of triple certified, Callaway Wellness Leader & Expert, Amy Fendley.

Callaway Wellness Programs are purposefully designed and personally created by Amy, as approachable programs for everybody’s body. Callaway Wellness programs are offered to all guests and residents as an instructor driven – guided path toward complete health and wellness. 

Amy not only brings multi-day Retreat Experiences to Callaway Resort & Gardens, Amy brings approachable, one-on-one, customized wellness sessions to those who desire a more personal & private approach to health and wellness.

Private Services Available: *2 max per Private Appointment

  •  Nutrition Counseling
  •  Fitness Training
  •  Yoga | Meditation | Stretch Therapy

Nutrition Counseling: 

Each client will meet with Amy for an initial assessment as well as on-going progress review sessions. Amy will dive in depth with body education for each guest, goal setting techniques, behavior modification strategies and assist each client with a unique plan to establish necessary habits of reaching & maintaining goals with healthy weight loss and lifestyle choices.

Fitness Training: 

Amy’s personal training methods are very thorough, encouraging and supportive. Through a comprehensive questionnaire and interview, Amy designs each clients customized program specific to each individual’s needs. Progress is measured and adjustments are made on a recurrent basis to ensure success. Amy will teach each client how to navigate their way through a cardio & weight lifting program that is comfortable, fun and effective! 

Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Stretch Therapy: 

Amy’s yoga, meditation and yoga stretch therapy is exactly what the body needs to decompress, unwind and settle in to what it means to breathe with intention. Amy works with each guests body composition on breath-work, body-work, heart-work and mind-work toward the path of slowing down and embracing simply being “mindful vs mind-full.” 

Appointment Dates & Times available:

8 a.m. | 9:15 a.m. | 10:30 a.m.

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$40 per person for one-on-one sessions

$20 per person for group sessions 

Callaway Gardens Annual Member discounts can be applied ( 10% for family and below, 30% for premium and above). $20 for each additional person in session ( again, member discounts can be applied)

Health Connections Program offered through Callaway Wellness –

*A unique program offered to residents, annual members & guests. *2 max per Private Appointment

*Contact Callaway Reservations @ 1-844-512-3826 or book online.

  • Nutrition Consultation & continued accountability 
  • Fitness Training & continued accountability 
  • Yoga 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Stretch Therapy  

Wellness Retreat Programs offered through Callaway Wellness – 

*Contact Callaway Reservations @ 1-844-512-3826 or book online. VIEW OUR WELLNESS RETREATS

  • Multi-Day Retreats  

Larger Group Programs offered through Callaway Wellness – 

*Contact Callaway Group Sales @ 1-800-543-7121 or submit a request online. 

  • Executive | Company Group Sessions (up to 50 guests) 
  • Personal | Friends | Church Group Sessions (up to 50 guests) 


Interested, but unsure? Email for more information!

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