Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

Flights of fancy await you in the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, where typically 1,000 or more butterflies flutter freely about in one of North America’s largest tropical butterfly conservatories. The Day Butterfly Center is a living, dynamic, glass-enclosed environment in which a variety of tropical plants nourish the residents and new arrivals emerge from their chrysalides, dry their wings, and begin their very first wing-beats.

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Butterfly Center

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Things Happening Around The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

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Butterfly 101

Butterfly 101

March - December
Weekdays, 2 p.m.

Spanning the lifecycle of butterflies, what they eat, and where they come from, Butterfly 101 takes guests through an engaging presentation on all aspects of the Butterfly. Located in our theater area.

Butterfly Center Tour

Butterfly Center Tour

March - December
Weekdays, 1 p.m.

A staff led walkthrough of the second oldest Butterfly Center in the United states, guests will learn about the history of Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center as well as have an interactive experience within the conservatory itself.

Monarch 101

Monarch 101

September & October

Meet in the Day Butterfly Center Theater for this interactive presentation on Monarchs and their migration. Dates are September and October, Tuesdays 2:45 p.m.

Supporting Conservation

Your visit to Callaway Resort & Gardens and the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center supports the conservation of some of the world’s most threatened natural habitats. Our butterflies are purchased in the chrysalis stage from family-run butterfly farms in economically-challenged, tropical countries.

Butterfly farms are dependent on healthy, undisturbed, natural ecosystems. As these small farms grow, their local economies grow and it becomes necessary to protect the rainforest. Without this demand, the alternative would be for the local residents to possibly cut down the rainforest in search of other means to support their livelihood.

Thank you for your continued visitation and support.

Featured Event

September & October Is Blue Morpho Butterfly Month!

Enjoy our month-long display of nature at its finest! Each September & October, marvel at the Blue Morpho as hundreds of these tropical butterflies fill the Day Butterfly Center with their iridescent-blue splendor. 

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