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Salt Therapy is a drug-free approach that offers adjunct support in relieving respiratory and skin conditions. Breathing in the superfine particles of medical-grade salt cleanses the lungs of bacteria, irritants, and pollution, reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract, and supports the look and health of skin without posing a risk to those with high blood pressure. Halo-generated therapy provides extensive relief and benefits to those with COPD, seasonal allergies, asthma, and people prone to colds or respiratory illnesses.

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Salt Room Salt Room


Experience the time-tested benefits of salt therapy, renowned for its ability to cleanse the respiratory system and promote skin health.

Drug-Free Anti-Inflammatory

Breathe in super fine particles of medical-grade salt to cleanse your lungs, reduce inflammation, and support overall respiratory health.

Salt Room Salt Room
Salt Room Salt Room


Spend 45 minutes in our Salt Room, allowing the therapeutic salt particles to work their magic as you simply sit back and unwind.

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