Mega Bugs

Featuring more than 28 scenes, and over 73 larger-than-life insects, we proudly introduce MEGABUGS! Our outdoor adventure encounters are an immersive and interactive area for ‘bugologists’ of any age to explore.

Guests can experience a bug’s life as they crawl like a spider, fly like a bee, and dig like an ant while interacting with these enormous insects. In a special habitat near the Discovery Center inside Callaway Gardens, guests will come face-to-face with a giant 15-foot Emperor Dragonfly, a 20-foot Hissing Cockroach, a 50-foot Madagascan Fire Millipede, and much more!

These exhibits spotlight special features including the individual sounds and movements that make these insects unique members of the animal kingdom.

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Discovery Center

Free With Admission

Looking for some added fun? Check out our Bug Bingo sheet. (Available at the Discovery Center Desk or Print Here) – or -Try our Scavenger Hunt (Print Here)

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MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters is included with Gardens Admission and Annual Memberships.

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